Thursday, 1 July 2010

My president is black but his house is all White...

4 hour coach journey to washington dc flew by seeing ad I slept the whole way!! We arrived and chilled out in our room for a bit and the. Headed to China town for food. Here I saw a nandos, yes a nandos and I didn't go in as Maria and sal aren't huge fans. Bit we ate at clydes and I had the best BBQ ribs, mmmm.

We then walked to the White house, on the way we found this frozen yogurt place that was literally a pick and mix, it wad amazing!!! I put mine on the table for a second though and it slipped off and went all over the floor, probably one of the funniest moments ever! But I went and told them and they let me make another one!

The whitehouse was si beautiful, we ended up walking o. The White house grounds by complete accident and the police were waiting at the end for us. When we came out this new York couple stsrted talking to us and said it was do funny to watch apparently they thought we were going to get shot (bit extreme?!?) they were lovely and we had s long chat with them.

Then we went to the lincoln memorial and reflective river near the needle. It was all do breathtaking. I really loved Washington and wished I had more time there.

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