Sunday, 4 July 2010

Goodbye Miami Hello Orlando

So last night we decided that we would go for a nice meal as we ate in everynight in Miami.

We went for a steak which was pretty yum on Ocean Drive. Then we headed down to Nikki beach for dessert.

Yesterday day this girl called Carol approached me in the street and asked us to go to Set and sit at her table (she was a promoter) again she said free entry and alocohol so we thought why not!! Anyway we met her outside set at 12.30 and she was with some greasy men hah... we asked her why she wanted us like what is in it for her to give us a free night and basically she said men can't get in without girls and the only way they let the men in is if they are with "attractive" girls. She needs to get the men is because they are the ones who spend the money on the table and we are talking a good few grand. Its really quite corrupt... girls go for free alcohol, guys go because girls go but the guys who go are so unattractive all they can do is buy girls and people like us go because its a free night and we dont have to talk to the guys when we are in there soo basically the guys idea in the first place is wrong haha. Anyway it was a fun night although we didnt hsve a mad one as we had to get a 5 hour coach to Orlando today.

Another weird man on the greyhound bus who was watching me sleep and then we had a stop and went to mcdonalds, when we got back on the bus he literally wouldnt stop talking to Maria... reallll weird. He kept telling us to go to this place tonight.. we were like definately not.

So I'm in Orlando now and we are at our "Condoe" its insane!!! it's like a house! the resort has 4 pools. a jucuzzi, a gym, tennis courts a starbuckks haha and it has cost us less than the Chicago hostel did... this hotwire thing we've found is incredible!!

Anyway I'm swimming with dolphins tommorrow so very excited amd then Tuesday is a bit of a rush with Bush gardens and then a flight to Las Vegas but i'll try and update :) xxx

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