Tuesday, 20 July 2010


So we spent the day at Santa Monica beach again... me and maria wanted to hire a bicycle made for 2 but we couldnt as we didnt have our id on us :(

We then got 2 buses to hollywood... we arrived at our hotel after a 2 mile walk in the blistering heat with our backpacks on.. best gym workout ever!! We went to CVS and got some vodkaa and subway salads then back to the hotel to get ready!!

We decided to sack Miguel off because we hadn't heard of the club he was going to and we heard that Drais at the W hotel was the best night so we went there.

We got there and just asked for this lady who we heard could get us in with no cover (no entrance fee) the man at the door told us to ask for this bouncer.. we were like how are we meant to know who he is and he was like "hes tall and gorgeous, you'll know".. so we found him and as we were speaking to him this black guy was like "I want these girls on my table"... turns out they were american footballers, i wish i knew something about american football and wasn't so drunk because they could of been famous!! Anyway I was really drunk and then they came out with bottles of huuuuge champagne with fireworks in and i though it was a good idea to have a few glasses... it wasn't i had to go home... I WASN'T SICK i was just verryyy drunk :( its all a bit of a blur haha!!

The next day me and maria were horrendously hungover and we had to get a 7 hour bus ride to San Fran... we made it though although maria was slightly poorly on the coach.

That night we just went to a diner for food and then to bed as we were shattered after the bus!

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