Wednesday, 4 May 2011

L'Oreal Brandstorm

So Uni and this competition have taken over my life for the past few weeks which has resulted in me being a reaaaalllly bad blogger!!

So I'm going to give a little update.

Yesterday was the L'Oreal Brandstorm competition 2011. The day began with the two teams being divided into two rooms- Team Manifest (My team consisting of myself, Rose Letley and Pippa Richardson) were placed in the larger room with 4 other teams, 2 of which were from Trent. We were first up and it went really well. The other teams were all really great too with some amazing ideas and research. Presentation skills were also very high!

We were lucky enough to get to the final 2!! (a team was picked from each room to go through to the final) This was amazing!

We went head to head on the evening and our presentation went without a flaw, although very nervous everyone said they couldn't believe how confident we were!!

Unfortunately, we came 2nd. Pierre said that he felt our presentation was a lot stronger but our idea wasn't quite what they were looking for. We got some amazing feedback, incredible in fact and although it was disappointing, I am so tired of this project at the minute the thought of doing it any longer than the University deadline on 27th May makes me want to cry in a corner!

I had an amazing day, this has been an amazing experience and something I am so proud of and will never forget!!

Here is a cheeky pic of us presenting