Thursday, 1 July 2010

Im in Miami bitch

Well flight = mare!!! Basically to check in bags it cost money but they said ours would fit on the plane do we took them through security and of course forgot about all our toiletrees in them!!! So they stop the belt at mine and this Chinese man is basically acting like I'm a terrorist, he pulls everything out of my bag and continues to shout at me, haha I wad laughing in his face because sal and Maria were going through the whole ordeal too!! He tried to throw my things away bit I stopped him and said we'd put all the toiletrees in my bag and check in the bag. Time was ticking but we made it!' I had to go all the way back through security again, I'm beginning to learn that we don't do things simply.

Anyway we arrived in Miami safely after a 4 hour wait at the airport. We went for dinner on ocean drive where Maria and sal shared a salad that cost them $21!!! bloody hell. But it wad a beautiful bar and worth it. We were shattered, even though we were desperate to party in Miami we decided to save it for the next night!

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