Saturday, 17 July 2010

And i'll cross oceans like never before

So yesterday we headed to Santa monica, we were planning on getting there by public transport but we needed the chaufeur to take us to the bus stop, anyway we told him we were going to Santa monica and he said he'd just take us but we wernt to tell anyone as it's breaking the rules, ha! Anyway he got to out motel and drove into the curb bursting his tyre!! Someone was defo going to find out he'd broke the ruled!!

Anyway our motel smelt like wee and is very basic, it's definately what we deserve and what we should of stated in all along!!

We went to Santa monica peir and then chilled out on thebeach, it was lovely!

We were meantto go yo Hollywood last night with miguel, this promoter buttt it's too far and he offered Ius a lift but we dontknow him, so we can't trust him just yet!! So we decided to go to promenarde in Santa monica as the dominos pizza man said it was really happening.... He said the pizza van would take us when we wanted to go! So we had drinks at the hotel and thenwalked to dominos for our lift hah!!

The street was happening and I got dragged into some break dancing street show, they were meant to flip over me and 4 other people but then it turned out it was a money making lie!!

Anywaywe went to this bar called makai it was really nice. We are staying in Hollywood tonight so we can get the greyhound from thrre tomo soo we will meet miguel tonight at a club and today we are going to the beach again and then off to San Fran tomo for the finale of our trip!!

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