Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New York New York!!!

26th June-29th June

So we arrived in New York at about 9pm after the collective 30 hour coach ride. We got an hour break in Boston but unfortunately we didn't get to leave the greyhound station so it technically doesn't count as a place on our trip!

Sooo anyway NYC 9pm, in a cab to our hostel upper east 73rd York ave. We arrive at the hostel which is basically apartments, it's like 4 rooms in a flat witha shared bathroom and kitchen area. The man who worked there was Italian or something and so so creepy and weird!! We had booked on hostelbookers for 3 nights but after he showed us the room we decided to pay for just one night and see how it went (I was more thinking see if we come out alive). There was a woman sharing our flat but we hadn't met her yet we just saw a bikini in the bathroom and put 2 and 2 together. Me and sal went into our room and climbed to the top bunk to discover "the hole" it was this square hole that led into that womans room but it was freaky, and big enough for me to fit through meaning an average person could.

We were all so unsettled after the coach and had become accustomed to the 4* hotels and I think we just got a kick back to reality, plus our bedroom door couldn't lock properly so we were just like ohh brilliant (because we are so conscious of our stuff after the robbery) anyway we hadn't really eaten all day so we decided to head to times square and get some food, we ended up in stardust, a diner me and Kate prew visited on our trip to NYC, it's really fun, they sing and dance on tables.

After exploring we headed back to the hostel, our neighbour was in so we knocked on the door to be polite and say hello, plus we wanted to see who had easy access to our room!! We knocked on her door and we were like Ohhh hiiii were staying next door so thought we'd say hey. She replied "ok" and shut the door!! She was like Czech or polish, very grubby looking like a heroine addict, so as you can imagine when the door shut we were like omggg!!

Off to sleep we went even though I was convinced that the creepy reception man was going to come in our room or she was going to climb through the hole!! I was so relieved to wake up in the morning alive!! We decided to just stay there for the rest of NYC as we couldn't find anything online

So we woke up in the morning, alive!!! We walled from our hotel to central park, we hired a boat and sailed along the river. Then after a good jaunt in central park we headed towards the apple store.

There was a massive ben and jerrys truck promoting two mew flavours znd they were giving out free samples which were amazinggg!! Then suddenly I remembered we hadn't got our 20 dollar deposit back from the boats so we rushed back to central park and basically to cut a long story short he wouldn't give it us all back. Whatever know point worrying, worst things HAD happened!!!

Then we headed to 5th ave went in the shops and then went to the abercrombie head office so maria could have a mini interview to ensure she got a job in September for when she mobes to NYC. Here we met Karmil, the guy who was sat on reception at the time, we got talking
about places we could go out and he offered to come out with us that night and take us to this Irish bar he loved.

After abercrombie we went up the rockerfella cente then we got the subway to ground zero and the strolled up to soho and china town and hunted for topshop. The prices in topshop were so expensive compared to here!!

By this point we were all perishing as all we'd eaten was our free ive cream sample so we went to ruby Tuesdays (my favourite place we ate
last time I went to new York)

Then we got ready and headed to the pig and whistle, here we met kamiel and Yasmeen, Kamils cousin. We had a hilarious night and sang kareoke, the only downfall was that drinks coated slot, it was $16 for a double vodka lemonade bur kevin the bar man gave us free shots throughout the night!

Our second day on NYC we woke up and saw our next door neighbour, with a random man, confirming that she was s hooker, brilliant!!! Anyway we managed to change rooms so we weren't in the room with the hole anymore but still in the same flat.

We went down to Brooklyn and walked the booklyn bridge, it wad sooo hot. Here we met the cutesy kid alive 'rocko' and his dad, his dad was lovely, he told us about NYC, the hamptons and other random things.

In Brooklyn we went to this amazing diner then we took the subway to tines square. Here we went to American eagle and had our picture taken to appear on times square for 15 seconds which was so funny.

Then we went to toys r us where we met some Aussie boys who were doing the same trip as us but the reverse way!

Later we experienced the best cheescake from juniors, omg incredible!! Right by the lion king theatre.

Sal got a cab to downtown as her cashcard had been delivered to some depo so she got a cab there while Maria and I went to the gugenheim, it was amazing but unfortunately closed.

We had to get the creepy man to let is into our flat as sal was out. Our taxi journey to the flat wad hilarious, we decided we wanted Chinese but didn't want to go all the way up china town so me and maria were hanging out the taxi door asking fellow drivers if they knew a good one, the taxi driver loved it and kept driving close to cars so that we could ask them.

We found a good one and went there with Yasmeen and Karmil then we brought a gallon (hahaa) of wine and drank it back at the hostel, it was so funny and we taught them some drinking games, the proxzie also returned with a different man which was hilarious, especially when drunk! So glad we changed rooms!

We then went to 203 rooftop bar which was insane, it was opposite the empire state and so amazing to see new York at night time whilst sipping cocktails!

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