Tuesday, 20 July 2010

San Francisco

So we got up early and headed to the Pier as we wanted to do a tour of Alcatraz,,, it was sold out so we got an around the bay tour which took you to the island but you wern't allowed off the boat... it was amazing, so eary!! and we saw the golden gate bridge on the cruise too so it was actually really worthwhile!! Then we went to union square for food, we went to this crazy diner where we had amazing but wayyy too much food!! San Fran is frezing and we went out in denim shorts so we went back to chill fo a bit and get changed... then we went to see despicable me.. its a film that we've seen advertised since the day we got to the US so we figured we had to see it! We went to the Imax theatre and watched it in 3D it was soo good :) so glad we saw it!!

Then we went home and chilled as we were soo tired.

Today we got up and headed to IHOP as Maria has wanted to go since we got here.. it's the international house of pancakes. At present i am in an apple store freeloading their internet and we are just about to go to golden gate park!! Then i think we might do a bit of shopping before heading to a baseball game tonight!! I think we might go to a jazz bar tonight, if not tonight than definately tommorrow! I cant believe we only have 3 days left, this trip has flashed before my eyes. I feel like ive learnt a lot about myself though and really had time to work out what matters in life and what doesnt! Im excited to see you all xxx

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