Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A little bit on San Diago I forgot

Well... just to add another story to entertain you.

When we were on the greyhound bus from Las Vegas to San Diago (the 5 hour bus ride) we met a man.. His name I do not know, however he provided entertainment for pretty much the entire ride as we learnt a lot about, well the other side of life that we are not accustomed to back in little old England and especially not in little old Droitwich!

He was an ex gang memeber of one of the biggest gangs in LA, killed many people, been to jail, served in the Marines for 15 years where he'd worked on the front line and watched many of his best friends die.

He slept with a pistol under his bed and carried it with him everwhere. he had a monster dog who, at age 4 ate 2 living alsation dogs and therefore got shot by the police. He smoked and ounce of weed a day and liked to carry 8 ounces with him at all times, he was legally able to do this in california as he had a medical card because he lied to the doctor and said he had trouble sleeping.

All of this, i felt well safe having him with us. He told us how we shouldnt be scared about gangs etc because theyd have no reason to hurt us, they only attack when feelin threatened. He also said hed never shot at anyone who hadnt shot at him first. the grey hounds are sketchy and so it was nice knowing that a man with sort of morals was sat by us.

Anyway, im well educated on gangs and war now, it was like question time. Brilliant fun. he's no longer in gang btw this was when he was like 18... he said he left because there is no life in gangs and the only reason he joined was because it was a reason to be, and i quote 'an asshole'

haha x

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