Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beverly hills, that's where I want to be!

So we got the train to Beverly hills as it was the cheapest way even if it did take the best part of 2 hours. It was entertaining, we saw some interesting characters as per usual!! We arrived at what we thought was our stop to discover no taxis around, this man at a bus stopped started talking to us and kindly called us a taxi, it took ageees to cone and we had to wait outside this shop as apparently they don't pick up from the metro. The Chinese man who owned the shop came out and basically asked us why we were sat outside his shop, we did look slightly tramp like sat on our backpacks, but he was really strange and stood there with us, then when the taxi came the taxi driver had to look up our hotel address and the Chinese man vontinued to stand there, staring in to the cab hahaa!!

Anyway the hotel turned out to be 14 miles away and it took like what seemed forever to get there, a whole in our pocket later and we arrived! Butttt we wernt happy, it appeared that we were slightly out of the hills and with no car, that's not cool!! So anyway it was fine,the hotel have a chaufuer service that will tale you like 4 miles and we booked onto a hop on hop off Hollywood tour bus for the next few days.

We chilled out by the pool when we got settled and then in the evening we went to the local mall (dropped off by the chaufeur) we went to this insane Asian restaurant where we ate wayyyy too much and I felt soooo sick. We had sweetcorn creme brûlée for dessert, it sounds disgusting but it was actually amazing!!

Today (15th) we headed to Hollywood bright and early on our bus tour. We got to see so much such as the walk of fame, Hollywood sign, rodeo drive, thecemetary where marilyn Monroe is burried, studios, hot spots, loads!! But inall honesty I don't really rate la, I think it's overhyped!!

Anyway. What day goes by without drama??? We got back on the bus tour to go hone (which was already going to take 2 hours as we had to do a loop) whenwe got to Santa monica we discovered the bus terminated there, meaning we were stuck in sant monica... We are staying there tommorroe night but for tonight we needed to get back to Beverly hills!!! Sooo we discovered after talking to a lot of rude bus drivers that we needed to get a certain bus back that would take us near to wher we were getting picked up from by the chaufeur.... So we tried to call the hotel and our phone ran out if credit, brilliant. Anyway we got off the bus and lyckily there was a phone box. But whilst attempting to ring the hotel we got approached by this man who asked us if we wanted a ride and tried to suss out where we were stating, we tried to shun him off and we told him a fake hotel has, we got scared and went into this ice cream shop, they let us use their phone and within 10 mins our chaufeur was to the rescue!!!! In the car he had a couple from Hawaii, so of course, I quizzed them in Hawaii for a while!

Tonight we were meant to go to some bars with miguel this promoter we've been hooked up with from someone we've met along the way but we really couldn't be bothered with it by the time we got back so we'll go fir a big one tomo!! We just ordered Chinese to the hotel and chilled out, it came in the Chinese boxes like you see in friends!! Amazing!

Anyway Santa monica tomo for a day on the peer, me and Maria want to rollerblade to Venus beach but we just need to convince soph!!!! X

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