Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Long Beach and Disney

Last night 'Necessary' another taxi driver who we have made friends with gave us a tour of Long Beach showing us the famous Queen Mary boat, taking us to the top of this hill where we watched the sunset over the whole of Long Beach and he showed us where Snoop Doggydog and Cameron Diaz used to live, the schools they went to and where they used to hang out. He also took us to In and Out burger... sooo good.

Anyway, early night as we had disney today...

We planned to get the bus to disney as it would cost $50 in a cab one way.. nuuu uhhhhh. sooo anyway, we had trouble had to wait an hour for a bus and in the end we got off at the wrong stop.. pretty standard for us!! it took us 3 hours to get there but we got there!!

We had such an amazing day, I met Woody andd Mickey and Tinkerbell and Goofy!!... we watched this 3D film called Captain EO and it had Michael Jackson in, I felt really weird seing him again, especially in 3D.

Anyway soo much to tell, but we had a lovely day and were all very tired and didnt want to get 3 buses home sooo we rang Necessary and he took us back $10 each...

He was so lovely andd told us how he's writing a film and stuff... proabably wont make it but look out for the name "necessary' y'all!! hahaaa..

anyway will fill you in in a few days.. off to Beverly Hills tomo afternoon after some well needed tannage at the beach!!!

LaLa land here I come, for now, beauty sleep xxxxx

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