Saturday, 3 July 2010

All that crazy shit I did last night, those will be the best memories

So we got in contact wit Patrick, the promoters Maria's friend told us to and we were going to this club called Set. We decided to go for some cocktails on ocean drive first as they do happy hours 2 4 1 so it works out pretty reasonable and its beautiful there!!

We headed to Set and when we spoke to Patrick he said we would not have to spend a penny. A M A Z I N G!! anyway we got there and the queue was huggeee we met Patrick and he walked us straight to the front with some other people but we got caught up in the people and lost him, so then we were like oh bugger. But anyway its a boring story where we basically hasd to stand outside for ages but then this girl was a promoter and she said we could go in with her (to go in you have to buy a table and spend a centrain amount per person) she said to the bouncer she'd pay $500 for 7 people but he was like no so in the end she dropped $2000 to get us in... yes 2 grand. Can you believe that? We got in and found patrick, it was insane, there were champagner bottles with fireworks in, botttles and bottles of vodka. It was a crwazy party. They loved it, they were free pouring oozo and vodka into our mouths and you could just keep filling up your drinks. Some famous house Dj was playing I dont know his name but the music was amazing!!!

The next day we met this girl on the beach who was a promoter and started talking to her, I told her how I didnt really like the scene at Set as it was so pretencious, everyone thought they were amazing and she told us how it's the most exclusive club in Miami and it's full of models and porn stars! So that explains it all!!! Anyway she said she'd take us to Mansion and promised us it wouldn't be the same!! So we pre drank at our hotel room and then went to meet Emmy, she got us in for free and these guys said we could go VIP with them and sit at their table so we got free drinks again!! The only money I spent was $3 on chips after haha!! It's such a different way of lfie and all about who you know!! It was amazing night and we met some cool people... sad to leave miami and this party lifestyle we've managed to get into!!!

we just chill on the beach in the days and then party at night.. i didnt think americans were that bothered by alcohol but ive never seen anyone party so hard!

OMG one last thing... this fat man and black lady last night in the club were having sex like in the middle of the VIP section, full on, we were horrified, I still cant belive it, so disgusting... and people were just stood like watching them... i dont get it!!!... why would you do that?????????

Haha anyway he tropical storm is finsiehd so off to the beach I go!!... we go to Oralndo tomo and we're going to try find a perade or something for Independence day :) Then swimming with dolphins on Monday.

Sorry there are speling mistakes and stuff Im doing this off my ipod when I get free wifi


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