Monday, 22 June 2009

Sports Chic

I am enjoying this summer trend immensley. Some of Stella McCartney's designs are so sexy. True I wouldn't go to the gym in these clothes, nor would I run a marathon in them but they bring a whole new level to the idea of casual wear. Topshop Unique have some great designs, that give an effortless look, but still look amazing.

Take That

I went to see Take That last Monday and Oh my godd...... INSANE!!! Even if you weren't a fan of their music it would be impossible to not entertain you at this concert!!!
As you may or may not know, the tour was their circus tour and true to name, it was a circus. The best circus i have ever seen!! It was insane...
It led me to think what an amazing concept this could be for a runway show.. it was breath-taking.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Play Play Play

Playsuits are THE best invention ever... here are my reasons why
1. anyone can wear them because they come in so many different varieties
2. they are perfect for day and night, simply add heals and accessories
3. they are comfortable... and you can get away with short ones because noone's going to see your knickers!!

the only bad thing is they're a bit of a kufuful when needing to wee quickly!!... Note to self, do not wear on a heavy night out on the town!!!

Rare at Topshop have some beauties....
but if you don't wana spend a lot, check out Primark as they seem to have more and more coming in!!

This is my latest purchase from Topshop...

Big love <3