Saturday, 24 July 2010

San Francisco continued...

So we went to the baseball game in Oakland where we saw the Athletes play! It was fun although we kind of needed someone to explain the rules to us!!

The next day we got up and went straight to the cable cart stop as you had to wait about an hour to get on them, we took the cable cart all the way to fishermans warf, on the way we passed the windiest road in the world, its so pretty. It was freezing so we stopped at a coffee shop for a hot chocolate. Then we got the bus back to Union Square where we spent the remainder of the day shopping!!

This was our last night so we decided we'd go out for a really nice meal, we went to John's Grill where we had amazing food and wine and they had a live Jazz musician playing!! For dessert we headed to our favourite diner, Louis!!

On our last day in San Fran we just chilled out, brought presents and went to lunch at... you guessed it, Louis!!

The flight home was pretty horrendous as I haven't been very well the past week and appear to have a bit of a temperature so I was boiling hot on the plane, coughing and restless, me and Soph didn't sleep at all, Maria, of course did as she has learnt to sleep anywhere now!!

I was so glad when I arrived home at 4.30pm yesterday after not sleeping or washing for like 30 hours!!

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