Monday, 12 July 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Ok so we spent the next day in Orlando just chilling out.. then Ken came and collected us and took us to the airport.

The flights were really uncomfortable and so when we arrived at the MGM we were shattered but also blown away!!

We arrived late at about 11 so we literally crashed out and went to sleep.

In the morning we got up and explored the hotel which was more like a mall or something it was insanely huge!! We went for breakfast at the Rainforest cafe which is the coolest thing.. if you've never been it's like sitting in an actual rainforest!!

Then we headed to our pool, we chilled out in the lazy river for a while and then this guy came and told us about Wet republic which was an over 21s pool at our resort so we headed over there, it's like a club but in the pool. Its amazing!!... it;'s full of beautiful people and to get a sunbed you have to pay like $250 but luckily they had a few spare that we could have for free so we psuhed 2 together and we all fit on them although we didn't need them as we spent pretty much all dya in the pool as it was 112 degrees.. insane heat! We had a cocktail and chilled listening to some amazing music.

That night we went back to the Rainforest cafe for dinner because they had Tomato soup on the menu and ive been craving it all trip, god knows why!! And Yasmeen had given us this guys number who's a promoter in las Vegas so we text him and he told us to come to Eve nightclub in the Aria hotel as he had a table so it would be a free night. (agaiiin) We went there and it was really fun, we met some english girls who were 'soccer' coaching over in la and anyway they turned out to be lesbians and they ended up in an argument so it was very entertaining fore us!

Anway darko (the promoter) asked us to go to Tao the next night in the Venician hotel, he said there was no table but we would get free entry and an opne bar for an hour on arrivals... we'd heard good things about Tao so we were game.

When we got back to the hotel we went to the Casino, we met this guy called Eric and he was explaining to us how everything worked. He was fun and kept giivng me chips to bet wityh whihc i loved. Then i tried out my hand at gambling.. i bet $5 and lost it withing a matter of minutes, my gambling career was short lived!! haha.

Thennn... there was this old man at a routlete table who i later found out was 85, he had lost $500,000 yes half a million. OMG i told him i was upset about my $5, he laughed in my face haha. Anyway he had these chips and each one was worth $25,000 I could of easily just took one.. that would of paid for a good few more months out here haha!!

So we're on Thrusday now.. we got up and explored the strip, went in the different hotels and checked out what was around, it was so so hot though so we went back to Wet republic at about 2 for a few hours just to cool ourselevs down.

That night we went to Austrailian Outback for dinner as we spotted it and I had been to one in NYC last time I went and it was incredible.

After dinner we headed to the Parisian as Sophie's uncle had given her money to buy is cocktails in there as he said you get the best view of Las Vegas from there. We had the most amazing cocktails, i don't even know what they were but they were sooo good. We also met an old couple who had just got married, still in their wedding attire, they were completely wasted though and the lady knocked over her $250 glass of champagne. Ha... these people with this money!!

After drinks we went to tao, an amazing club which was Asian Themed, we stood at the bar ordering drink after drink trying to get the most out of our hours free drinks, i have never drank so quickly!

We headed down to the main area of the club but it was so rammed it was horrible.. anyway we were stood at the side out of the corwd and this girl came up to us and asked if we wanted to sit at her table as she needed some more girls so we were liek YEAHH. haha.... so we sat and drank their vodka but it was like this couple and then this guy and the reason why she wanted us to sit there was to talk to this guy so we got bored of that after a while and walked off hah.

Then we went upstairs to the toilet and we were stood on the balcony looking over and i got talking to one of the maagers there, he asked if we wanted him to find us a table and we were kind of like whatever, (sort of ready to leave) anyway he found us one and it was with all these professional poker players.. some from Nottingham... crazy world! Anyway we stayed there for a while and then headed home visitng the Mcdonalds in the hotel on the way haha!!

The next day we woke up and we were meant to be going to San Diago but we were too hungover, so we went to try and find somewhere to stay, we ended up at the stratosphere.

We went to the Palms pool party that day called 'Ditch Fridays' i was so un up for it to begin with as i was so very hungover but maria really wanted to go so we went, when we got there i perked up and began to feel better.

These guys about 40 came over to us and basically theyd had to buy a sunbathing booth that cost $600 but they could get their $600 worth through alcohol if that makes sense. So they asked us if we wanted a shot of Patron, and because thats the big tequilla drink here we were like ok then. It came over and the smell made me want to vomit but we did it and we were ok. Then they brought us a drink to wash it down with. vodka lemonade tasted wayyyy better!!... now wer had a really perked up.

The randomly these two young guys came over to us and asked us if we wanted a drink so we were like sure... so about 3 more shots of patron later and a few more vodka lemonades we were loving life! we had the funniest afternoon ever, we were so drunk!While we were there one of the Tottenham players was there chilling out but Ive forgotten his name. Also Jazzy Jeff from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the DJ! Incredible day.

On the way out of ther party me and Maria met the most hilarious canadian cop haha he was brilliant.. thennnn we were on our way out of the palms when this group of boys basically forced us into thei stretch hummer, so we got in the hummer and had a party in the hummer for a while, it was such a laugh, we got out and were like oh no, as it dropped us at their hotel haha so we got a cab back to the MGM to get our stuff and then a cab to the straosphere, we did all of this completely wasted haha.

We needed to make sure we were up the next day so didn't do much that night.

Thenn we got a 7 hour coach to San Diago!!... we had dinner in our hotel (OMNI) and went to bed. We were so tired after Las vegas!!

Yesterday we went on a tour around San Diago, we went to Coronado Beach and looked around Coronado, I found where I want to get married, its at this hotel called Hotel Del Coronado, its a beautiful hotel and when peoplen get married they like over look the ocean, it's amazing!

Anyway after that we headed to Balboa Park which is beautiful and then we wernt to Old Town which is basically like a Mexican town, so it was rude not to go for a Mexican!!!! From San Diago you can see Tijuana in mexcio, its onlt 13 miles away but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to go.

Today we are just chilling in San Diego we've come to their big Westfield centre.

We're going to to LA tonight and then Disney tommorrow!! Finally, aged 21 I'm going!!!

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