Wednesday, 25 August 2010

V Fest

So I have just come back from one of the funnest weekends, ever!! V Fest in Weston Park added and extra element to my summer!

After a 5 hours spent in a car when the journey take an hour max from home, we arrived at the carpark!... In the rain! So we unloaded our stuff, my friend Anthony kindly lent me his trolley (I thought this was a kind move, however, the trolley was a paper trolley, thus heavy and VERY hard to manoeuvre!!!). Anyway, we all loaded the trollies and off we went, or, so we thought!! I couldn't manoeuvre my trolley, it was tipping it down andd alll of us had so much stuff it was horrible! In the end we admitted defeat, I sat with half the stuff while Sar and Heidi went to begin to pitch the tents and then come back for me. I sat in the rain, mac on, on my trolley, getting soaked. I had no phone and so it was literally a waiting game (and a hoping one, that they remembered where they'd left me). They found me, after a significant amount of time passed. I literally saw about 300 people pass and everyone looked at me oddly, ha!! Probably wondered why some girl was sat getting soaked, hood up looking like a giant condom quite frankly!!

We set up tent, had a stongbow and life was good.... UNTIL Bear called, and we couldn't find where she was park!! The weather had dried up by now. After an hour of walking and hunting we found her. Hit camp and all was good!! :)

The weekend was filled with so much... and it'll bore you!! Bit my favourite acts were Prodigy, Chase+Status, Ellie Goulding and Paulo Nutini. All were sensational for different reasons!! I can't wait to get my ticket for next year.