Saturday, 28 February 2009

summer loving..

I have officially given up on winter clothing, and am now very much in the mood for shopping for my summer essentials!!

For my 20th, i receieved two summer dresses and some gladiator sandles, all to my request, and i intend to carry on my will for sun through my shopping habbits, even if it means i freeze for the rest of the year!!


I can't actually bare winter anymore.. and with my array of pinks, corals and light blues in my wardrobe i need to break into the sun!!

... espeically now i have matching barry m's for my outfits =D aheeee!!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

All Ears!!

March's Vogue informs me that big earrings are back, and about bloody time!! Ultimately my favourite piece of jewellery, i truly believe a pair of earrings can make all the difference on an outfit!!

Unfortunately I cannot afford to branch out and buy Louis Vuitton, or Tiffany (extrememly jealous of my Beautician, who slipped it into conversation as i was having my eyebrows done that her boyfriend has returned from American with a pair of Tiffany earrings.. anyone wana buy me some, please?!) However Freedom at Topshop, and Acessorize do great pairs, which look more expensive than what they are, and they look amazing.

Another bonus is that their making big earrings light weight, there is nothing worse than a ripped earlobe, and as stated in Vogue 'nothing attractive' about on either!!

I personally think, big or long earrings under a messy bob or hidden in long hair look amazing as they creep through!!

For £15 these 'decorative hoop earrings' from Topshop are a must have!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Barry M... the most colourful name in cosmetics...

Obesession has arisen with the Barry M nail vanish's...
my main love being the Bright pink, which i brought a week ago, with the 3 in 1 basecoat, topcoat, and nail hardener, and the polish has lasted, chip free for a week and a half!! Now for me, this is a new, and amazing discovery!!!

Next buys are:

Cyan blue


Vivid purple

... i simply can't get enough of these colours, i hope within the year to have the whole shibangg!!!

for £2.95, how can a girl go wrong?!!!



Just watched 'This Morning' on itv, and Coleen Rooney was on it, they decided to recreate her look. In the description of Coleen they referred to her as 'a school girl turned into a style icon.' I don't really know what to think of this, I mean she does have lovely clothes... but so do the majority of rich people.

I don't think she's a style icon, i just think she got lucky, married a man who earns something ridiculous like a £100 a minute and she's now able to shop in the places that i dream to buy an item from!!

I'm pretty sure she had help, and stylists have told her what suits her shape, going from what she was to what she is, i don't think she managed to do that alone?

Monday, 9 February 2009

Mossy and Versace

Absolutely loving this dress from Versace. I NEED IT NEED IT NEED IT!!

If only i wasn't living off a student loan?!!

Mossy wears everything so well, how is this fair?!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Oh how i love you Mrs Cole

After reading February's Vogues Cheryl Cole interview for the trillionth time i thought i should express my love for her....

The interview gives insight into the increasingly famous face that is Cheryl, starting off as a nobody, from a council estate in which her family are still inprisoned in, in terms of what makes them, them. Cheryl managed to break free of this title and turn herself into, a pop star, Wag, Xfactor judge, and ultimately an increasingly iconic face in fashion. She's every man's dream and every womens role model. Who wouldn't want to look like this women. With big brown eyes and a sunbeam smile, she's the kind of women that turns hetreosexuals bisexual!!!!

The Vogue image, however is slightly too airbrushed and it's unneeded.

Titled by Vogue as, 'Vogue's new darling' she really has made it, big hair, eyes, smile and career, it's all steps up the ladder for Chezza!!!!


I cannot actually believe what i saw on the front of heat magazine:

How the hell is Jessica Simpson even slightly fat?!! The picture is simply taken from a bad angle so she looks a little bit more 'hippier' than normal but there is not an ounce of fat on her!!

These magazine's are casuing stupidly large problems amoung not just young girls but everyone. With the majority of people being the same size or BIGGERR!! than Jessica people are going to feel ridiculous crap about themselves. I don't even think this sort of thing should be published, size 0 problems? Well now we know why!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Just been listening to Amy Winehouse, and thinking what an amazing voice she has. It made me think about the recent articles i've been reading about her on her road to recovery, spending months in St Lucia..... Very nice. She's looking better, altho stil not there. Her hair, well i'm not guna lie, looks awful, and her teeth need some work. But in terms of her weight gain she looks good.... although in all interviews she talks about how she's clean.. and fine now.... yet has been drinking, and now this is her vice, surely this vice is going to turn into another addiction? She obviously has an addictive personality, or can't handle the person she is, and so has to drug up/drink into olivion. To truly get better she needs to cut all this out of her life i think?
It's a shame thats someone with such a talent is such a mess.... and it just shows what fame and fortune does!!!