Saturday, 26 June 2010

Let's sort this mess out!!

25th June

So we got up at 7 am to get organised as our coach left at 12pm. We re printed all sals documentation then we went on a hunt for somewhere that did passport photos. Got them we went to the us embassy, we explained that we neeeeeded to go at 12pm and the women was a true gem, it took some time as sals mum had to fax her birth cetificate through because at present sal did not exist on America! She had nothing with her name on.

Me and maria went back to the hotel to get all our stuff so that we could get a cab from the embassy. This was not a good idea, 9 bags between 2 people, 3 of which were rucksacks, walking in about 35 degrees avcross 5 or more blocks = hard bloody work. We couldn't stop laughing because we looked so stupid which meant we got weak and dropped the bags, this happened a lot!!

We struggled back to sal and she now had her emergency passport so we were all systems go, in a cab to the greyhound we went!!

So this was greyhound take 2! We handed in our booking confirmation where we wee told it wasn't right or something I couldn't even listen for a fear I might cry! Anyway it turns out it wad the lady was just being an idiot.

The bus was an hour late. We got on it and it really wasn't that bad, we had a change at Cleveland 8 hours into the journey so this was about 10pm.

Oh my god, I got on this bus and shit myself, there was some big snoop doggy dog gangsta shouting his mouth of, armish people (look them up they freaked me out) they all looked exactly the same, dressed in the same clothes, even their babies were wearing the same, they are inbreed that the film the village was based on. As we walked up the bus we saw eminem wannabe, the butchest shim I've ever seen and then a full on cowboy who turned out to be the biggest freak. For the first 4 hours I wad terrified to sleep as the lady in the passport thing warned us that loads of people get robbed on greyhounds, I couldn't go through all that again!! Anyway I chilled out after 4 hours if being wide awake but I have never ever felt so unsafe. I'm still on the bus now, hence why I have the time to do this!! Our bus got a flat tyre this morning and started shaking so much. The driver kept trying to drive with it but we were literally being thrown about from side to side on the bus so he admitted defeat. This meant we had to wait like an hour for another bus to rescue us. This skaghead looking man who's been on the bus came up to us this morning asking if we wanted to by any weed, that truly would be a wake and bake at 8 am. He was weird.

I say I'm so scared and I but all I've been doing is wetting myself laughing because it is so funny and surreal!!

I think we will only have a few hours I'd Boston before we have to get a 4 hour coach to new York which is a massive shame as I really wanted to see Boston and now it means that we have had to miss Niagara and Boston all because some chump wanted some bread and a ferry ticket. What a wanker. Anyway i;ll keep updating x

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  1. Ahhh megs! sounds like a nightmare but at the same time I can just see you giggling your way through it! Enjoy NY, im gunna keep cheaking up xxx