Saturday, 26 June 2010

Taking the rough with the smooth

24th June

after waking up from the most incredible nights sleep we set off on our walk to navy pier, only about a 20 minute walk from our hotel and the sun was beaming. This walk was where I fell in love with Chicago. Such a beautiful clean and crisp city!
We messed around on navy pier and then sat at a restaurant and had dome food as time was limited, we needed to check out of the hotel by 2 pm and we wanted to have a shower before our 16 hour coach ride to niagra at 4pm.
So we had a lively lunch and then walked back to the hotel, we were sooo sad to leave the hotel and also Chicago! We said our goodbyes to the city as we got the bus to the greyhound station.

We arrived at the station and this is where the drama began. We needed to get out our booking confirmation, sal went to get hers and it wasn't there.... This isn't the worst part, it was on her travel wallet containing her passport, money, bank cards, I'd, everything!! We tore out all our bags but it was nowhere. Of course sal was so upset but I tried to think logically so I told her she needed to report it to the police so as she did that on the phone maria andyself spoke to an off duty police man who had watched the nightmare unfold about what to do as without a passport we couldn't go anywhere! He got us some numbers to call for advice but to be honest he was a bit of a waste of space!

Obviously now we couldn't go to niagara as we'd missed our coach and sal had nothing anyway sooo we decided to get a cab back to the james hotel as shed had it only a block before we returned from the navy pier. We searched our whole room, they called the maids on duty.... Nothing.

They were very kind and let us use their internet, we needed to work out a plan as at present we had nowhere to stat as we were meant to be on the coach to Boston.

After hours of research etc we decided to stay in Chicago that night so we got an even cheaper lastminute hotel. This meant that we'd have to get a 24 hour coach to Boston tomorrow at 12pm as we'd paid for new York accommodation and we had am internal flight to catch a few days later so we had to keep to schedule.

We found out that we had to go to the us embassy for the passport, sals mum was like a supermum and cancelled all her cards etc, we also found that there had been activity on sals card, this was for bread and a ferry ticket... Money well spent?!?!?

Me and Maria decided we all needed a drink after the stress so we made sal come out, we went to this like county bar it was really funnny, we sat outside as it was a gorgeous evening and this weird middle aged man started talking to us from alllaaabaaaamaaaaa he told us how he'd owned a travel company but had never been out of America, he later went on to say "y'all have the coolest accents i've ever hear"

he was weird and we wanted to go somewhere younger so we went to this really cool club avcross the road that the bouncers told us about. Anyway they're so strict on I'd they couldn't let sal in even though we explained the story... We decided to just go by a bottle of wine and drink it in the room so this we did!

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