Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goodmorning chicago!!

23rd June

We woke up to rain which wasn't nice but it was still really hot so we got showered, dressed, packed up and checked out. We asked the workers at the hostel what they reccomended we do and they said the 'magnificent mil they said it was best on a nice day but we had limited time so decided to go anyway. They told us wher the bus stop was so we got on the bus and got off just after the bridge as instructed! I was really eager to know the England store so as soon as I spotted the apple store we went in a checked it. Here this guy who worked there got talking to us and we asked him a good place to eat, he told us to go to jake something which was famous for it's BBQ flavouring. We went there and it was lovely and the people loved the fact that we were English.

We spent the rest of the day on the mile just exploring and looking in the shops. Some guys approached us as we were sat down when the sun came out just to ask if we were English ( that obvious?!) and we asked them where was a key place we should go and they said navy pier so we thought we may do that that evening.

First however we needed to find a place to stay!! We went round motels asking prices but everywhere was too much. We then went in this cheap looking hotel but it was still too much but the receptionist said that we could use her Internet to find a place to stat..... We spent 2 hours looking for hostels but they were so far out, then Maris found a hotel on for $10 more than our hostel, it said it was 4 1/2* near the miracle mile but it didn't give us the name. It was a gamble and I was worried it wasn't legit bur we didn't really have another choice, none of us wanted to go back to the hostel so we went for it. It turned out to be 'the James hotel' and it was the most incredible thing i've ever stayed it, as we walked in there was music playing in our room and all our faces dropped, we definately didn't belong there looking like hobos half rained on half sweaty with our backpacks on our backs. It was a lifetime away from the hostel from the previous night!!

Anyway I missed out a part, as we were coming out from booking the hotel (2 hours later) their was the biggest thunderstorm I've never seen anything like it!!! It went on all night so when we'd collected our bags from the hostel and arrived at the hotel we just showered and chilled in our robes (lol) that were provided as the rain ruined our navy pier plans. We decided that we'd go in the morning before we got the greyhound to Niagra.

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