Saturday, 26 June 2010

America.... And so it begins!!

22nd June

Today is the day that the adventure begins!! We arrive at heathrow am hour before check in so we chilled out in eat and had the most amazing soup!! When we went through to the departure lounge I was amazed, we were flying from terminal 5 and it's like a shopping centre, they have wagamamas, a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, gucci, prada, all the high end names plus standards like whsmith and accessorize. Anyway the point is it was amazing and a lot of tome could be wasted in there!! There was a chance that we were going to be upgraded to first class as sal's auntie knew one of the hostesses on our flight but unfortunately we couldn't be due to a conference. Booo. But by the by economy on ba is not all bad!

I ended up getting drunk on the flight, watching shutter island, valentines day and eating the best Tika masala I've ever had!! It was actually an enjoyable 9 hours!

When we got out the airport we had to get a tram and a train, we were on this train when it suddenly came to a hault, the announcement told us that there was an emergency at Addison and the police had shut the line so the train would be going no further, of course we are like balls because we don't know Chicago at all! Anyway a mice American lady helped us out and we got on another train and arrived at the hostel at about 11pm.

We got into our 10man dorm and there were 2 Chinese girls on there they won't interested in talking to is at all. As the night went by the room filled up, I didn't feel very safe in the room and couldn't really relax, I just found it weird sleeping with strangers! At 5 ish we got woken up by a fire alarm and all had to congregate outside until the fire bregade came. Turns out someone burnt some toast!

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