Friday, 6 February 2009

Oh how i love you Mrs Cole

After reading February's Vogues Cheryl Cole interview for the trillionth time i thought i should express my love for her....

The interview gives insight into the increasingly famous face that is Cheryl, starting off as a nobody, from a council estate in which her family are still inprisoned in, in terms of what makes them, them. Cheryl managed to break free of this title and turn herself into, a pop star, Wag, Xfactor judge, and ultimately an increasingly iconic face in fashion. She's every man's dream and every womens role model. Who wouldn't want to look like this women. With big brown eyes and a sunbeam smile, she's the kind of women that turns hetreosexuals bisexual!!!!

The Vogue image, however is slightly too airbrushed and it's unneeded.

Titled by Vogue as, 'Vogue's new darling' she really has made it, big hair, eyes, smile and career, it's all steps up the ladder for Chezza!!!!

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