Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Just been listening to Amy Winehouse, and thinking what an amazing voice she has. It made me think about the recent articles i've been reading about her on her road to recovery, spending months in St Lucia..... Very nice. She's looking better, altho stil not there. Her hair, well i'm not guna lie, looks awful, and her teeth need some work. But in terms of her weight gain she looks good.... although in all interviews she talks about how she's clean.. and fine now.... yet has been drinking, and now this is her vice, surely this vice is going to turn into another addiction? She obviously has an addictive personality, or can't handle the person she is, and so has to drug up/drink into olivion. To truly get better she needs to cut all this out of her life i think?
It's a shame thats someone with such a talent is such a mess.... and it just shows what fame and fortune does!!!

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