Thursday, 12 February 2009

All Ears!!

March's Vogue informs me that big earrings are back, and about bloody time!! Ultimately my favourite piece of jewellery, i truly believe a pair of earrings can make all the difference on an outfit!!

Unfortunately I cannot afford to branch out and buy Louis Vuitton, or Tiffany (extrememly jealous of my Beautician, who slipped it into conversation as i was having my eyebrows done that her boyfriend has returned from American with a pair of Tiffany earrings.. anyone wana buy me some, please?!) However Freedom at Topshop, and Acessorize do great pairs, which look more expensive than what they are, and they look amazing.

Another bonus is that their making big earrings light weight, there is nothing worse than a ripped earlobe, and as stated in Vogue 'nothing attractive' about on either!!

I personally think, big or long earrings under a messy bob or hidden in long hair look amazing as they creep through!!

For £15 these 'decorative hoop earrings' from Topshop are a must have!!

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