Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Just watched 'This Morning' on itv, and Coleen Rooney was on it, they decided to recreate her look. In the description of Coleen they referred to her as 'a school girl turned into a style icon.' I don't really know what to think of this, I mean she does have lovely clothes... but so do the majority of rich people.

I don't think she's a style icon, i just think she got lucky, married a man who earns something ridiculous like a £100 a minute and she's now able to shop in the places that i dream to buy an item from!!

I'm pretty sure she had help, and stylists have told her what suits her shape, going from what she was to what she is, i don't think she managed to do that alone?

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  1. yeah i watched that. shes defiantly not a style icon in the slightest.
    just expensive labels, she looks like the average uk woman. xx