Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The First Cut Is The Deepest

I came across 'Everybody Hurts' by Tony Parsons in this months edition of Elle magazine. It discusses male heartache and how they deal with it. It's a beautiful and emotive piece of writing. It's very important to be at this moment in my life. I especially love this bit:

"A I sat there with my own new love, two tables down, did my eyes brim with loss and yearning? No. Though between you and me, that was how I felt inside. I knew that this girl I have loved- and still did- would spend the night in the arms of that other man.... I knew it was over and everything that we once shared would never come again. It hurt like hell. I felt like sobbing all over my sweet-and-sour pork. But I acted as though I did not give a damn. Mote than this, even though my heart felt like it was being pulled out with a pair of rusty pliers, I acted as though we has never even met. On my way out of the restaurant, I even paused by their table to chat with a pretty waitress. And that is what male heartache looks like. It resembles something that has died... Men do not feel less than women. A breaking heart hurts just as much in the male chest as in the female. We cover it up, we bury it deep."

The most poignant part "Get it off your chest and then get it on with someone else."

The article ends:

"Ultimately, that is why a man tries not to cry when he has a broken heart. Even when he is alone. It is not because he feels nothing. It is because he feels everything."

I adore this article and will treasure it forever, for once, a slightly hopeful insight into the male psyche.

Image by Banksy.
Because when a girl gives away her heart, she'll never get it all back.

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