Thursday, 17 December 2009

Birmingham Clothes Show ♥

So again I was very lucky to get the opportunity to work for 1927 on their Juicy Couture stand at Birmingham Clothes Show Live 2009. Due to a massive pile of University deadlines I only worked for 4 out of the 7 days however what a brilliant 4 days they were!! Hard work, long hours, scary customers but somehow the buzz, the atmosphere, the fashion makes it all worthwhile.

Probably the hardest work i've ever done, fighting my way through velour hungry crowds in order to pick up and rehang the mountain of undesired goods.

It was a good experience, we arrived at the stand on the Thursday which was literally a pink wooden frame with shelves and hanging rails, our job? Make it look appealing, sell the clothes as people walk in, make it desirable.

Unfortunately my camera broke 2 days before and therefore I couldn't get any images of the visual merchandising work we did... however in order to not keep this post so boring i'll give you a general clothes show image ♥

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