Sunday, 15 March 2009

Barbie Girl!!

Ok... sorry i haven't posted in a while, seems ive been so busy and this is something i read about a few days ago but i think its bloody brilliant!! Barbie's 50th Birthday Fashion Show in New York... AMAZING!

Heidi Klum told WWD:
"You are drawn to the look you cannot have," "The more fantasy, the more unrealistic, the more I like it." (cough.. the exact reason for the size 0 epidemic!!) But it's true... Barbie is AMAZING!!

As stated on 'The party, which cost makers Mattel a rumoured $500,000, was attended by Barbie fans including Ginnifer Goodwin and Lauren Conrad. The house's interior, styled by Colin Cowie, included a blonde wig chandelier, an Andy Warhol portrait of Barbie and a selection of Christian Louboutin Barbie shoes.' AMAZINGGG.... i want that house =] =]

I heart you Barbie!!!

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